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A Licensed CrossFit Affiliate since 2010

What We Do

Strength, the rising tide that lifts all ships

We believe that strength is the foundation of fitness. It’s useful on the field and it’s useful on the camping trip and in the home. It’s been said that “stronger people are harder to kill and generally more useful”. I doubt any of us are really at threat of being killed but the “more useful” part applies to all of us every day. Strength is energy and vitality and potential for work to be accomplished even if it’s pushing papers all day at a desk or driving the kids to and from Football practice.

Strength for Women

We love training women to become strong. It works in two ways, they become stronger physically and can carry more bags of groceries, more duffle bags with the kids baseball gear, wear a larger backpack when hiking up that mountain trail etc. but it also empowers women. It truly makes the modern woman realize that being strong is possible. Truly strong, even for the every-day woman. Not only that, the curves you really, really, want are developed with muscles from the barbell.

We are very proud of the weights our female members can learn to lift when they apply and believe in themselves. It’s not uncommon for a 135 lb. woman to deadlift 200 lbs. or more and press 70 lbs. or more after some consistent training at our gym. These are reasonable numbers to expect and if you are really driven we can help you lift even more. This sort of strength carries over into everything you do in your daily life.

Oh, and lastly, listen up. Ladies, you will not become bulky from lifting heavy weights! Don’t be afraid and use that tired old excuse that society has led you to believe. It’s not gonna happen! This isn’t the sport of bodybuilding.

Strength for Men

C’mon guys, do we really need to explain the benefits to you?! Every guy wants that beach body. The best time to start getting it is right now, not later. Hard, chiseled bodies of muscle are what we help you develop. Strength to load up that vehicle early in the morning with all of the camping gear like a hero and impress the kids (and the wife). The kind of strength that impresses your friends when you are hanging with the guys doing that goofy stuff guys do.

We don’t jump around and do calisthenics here, we get strong instead. What kind of strong? Most guys can expect to deadlift over 350 lbs. with some training and press over 135 lbs. Of course these are reasonable numbers, if you are driven and focused you can expect much more from training in our gym.

Strength for Athletes

If you are a competitive athlete of any sport, strength training can greatly improve your game. If you are a football player, you can hit harder, turn faster. If you are a golfer you can swing smoother and drive further. If you are a soccer player you can turn quicker and accelerate faster. If you are a CrossFit competitor, you will lift more and do it faster. All things equal, the stronger athlete is the better athlete.

Our Program

We run a strength program unlike anything you will find in a commercial gym and one that we believe is head and shoulders above a typical CrossFit gym. Our program is based on a weekly regimen of Squats, Bench Presses, Deadlifts, Standing Presses and Rows, all done with the barbell and trained by us for technical perfection.

Nothing, absolutely NOTHING, builds more strength than the basic barbell lifts performed with technical expertise in a linear progressive program of correctly applied, increasing loads.

Benefits of our training