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  1. This looks hard - Is CrossFit for me?

    Yes, it is hard, but nothing comes easy and the fun and increased fitness, health and confidence you will gain, make it well worth it. CrossFit is for everyone - kids, seniors, moms, professionals - you name it. We scale it back and progress as your fitness grows.
  2. I don’t want to bulk up - will I add tons of muscle?

    No. CrossFit will increase lean body mass, but not to the degree most people think of like body building. Women do not have to worry about getting bulky since it is not hormonally possible-at least not without a syringe!

    You will work on strength movements to increase your all around capabilities, however, this is not a bodybuilding program, it is a core strength and conditioning program using functional movements, excuted at high intensity to achieve elite fitness across broad time and modal domains. In other words, using multi-joint compound movements, done quickly, with good form to prepare you for whatever life throws at you no matter what, when or where.
  3. Do I need any special equipment?

    No. A good attitude, the desire to sweat and work hard are all you need. CrossFit achieves it’s results with minimal equipment and no gimmicks. You come prepared to suffer a bit, and we do the rest!

    If you lack the ability to commit to a program and would rather make excuses than work hard, then we are not the place for you. If you cannot leave your ego at the door, be consistent in your visits, or fail to take our advice, then your progress will be blunted and you will have no one to blame but yourself for a lack of results. We aren't interested in catering to people who can't meet the above personal requirements to achieve success. We will play "favorites" with any and all clients who commit, listen and learn when they walk in our gym. If they don't choose to do that, then we will just work around them. If you bring the right attitude and willingness to work hard, learn and enjoy a new sport, then we can get you to your goals.
  4. Where can I get more info on CrossFit and/or CrossFit EPOC?

    Go to and Read the “FAQ’s” section in it’s entirety, as well as the “Start Here” link.

    Please read Coach Glassman's groundbreaking article, "What is Fitness" from the CrossFit Journal.
  5. Who programs the workouts at CF EPOC

    The workouts at CF EPOC, including individualized strength training programs, are programmed by CF CENTURION and CF EPOC. Aspects of recovery, real world functionality of movements, power output and progressions in GPP (general physical preparedness) and strength are taken into consideration for each workout. We don't prescribe random, endless and mindless long-term training circuits with no end goal in mind. Our programs as varied in time, intensity, equipment and routine to create a well-rounded, fully capable person with great strength, power and endurance. Individualized programs can be tailored to specific needs, so just ask and we will do our best to accomodate you!

    CF EPOC is a strong proponent of lifting, pressing, and/or squatting something heavy each week in a thought out and progressive training template. Nothing could be more functional or beneficial to health and physical fitness than lifting, pressing and squatting. We believe a strong athlete is a better athlete and this applies to all levels of fitness and experience. We also introduce our athletes to basic Olympic Weightliftng movements to improve strength, power, and athleticism.

    We utilize various movements and items of training equipment to achieve your fitness goals. Our gym has only equipment that is truly needed and routinely used to create elite fitness.
  6. What do these acronyms and numbers all mean?

    You will see several abbreviations and acronyms at CF EPOC and in CrossFit in general. The "WOD" is the "Workout Of the Day". There are various types of WOD's that will come up. They will combine elements of monostructural cardio, weightlifting, and gymnastics or they will be one of the aforementioned exercise domains on it's own. "Monostructural Cardio" is running, jump rope, rowing, cycling, etc. "Weightlifting" refers to elements of barbell work or Olympic Weightlifting. "Gymnastics" refer to bodyweight and body control movements such as pull ups, handstands, ring dips, push ups, etc.

    ME stands for Max Effort. This is usually in the case of barbell work were we are working at a prescribed percentage of weight for prescribed sets. These are short efforts designed at increasing absolute strength. They are done for "RM", meaning "Repetition Max". In other words, a 5 RM would mean you could move a certain weight only 5 times. 1RM is obviously your max weight in a given movement. It is this 1RM that CF EPOC will program ME and MetCon workouts off of involving a barbell movement based on established percentages.

    "Barbell work" involves squatting, pressing, & deadlifting weight via a barbell. There are variations of each of these movements that are regularly covered at CF EPOC  to improve upon fitness and strength.

    In the case of weighted movements during ME workouts, they will be written out as "Sets x Reps" or "Sets x Reps x Percentage/Weight" . The way CF EPOC writes this info is at odds with many other S&C coaches, however, we have found most folks will automatically look at a prescribed loading format in "sets" first and then "reps". Although CF EPOC writes it backwards, it is easier to comprehend. If you are at another affiliate or following another S&C workout format, please check to see how they format their loading prescription. So, "7x3" would mean "7 Sets of 3 Reps" and 5x3x85% would mean "5 sets of 3 reps at 85% of 1RM". It may also be written out as "3x5x225", meaning "3 sets of 5 reps at 225 Lbs".

    "Olympic Lifting", "Oly Lifts" or similar terms refer to the two types of Olympic Weightlifting movements, the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk. The Snatch is a movement in which the barbell is taken from the floor to overhead in one complete motion, caught in an overhead squat at the bottom position and then stood up with the barbell overhead. The Clean & Jerk is a movement in which the barbell is taken from the floor, caught on the shoulders in the bottom of a front squat position, stood up in this position, and then it is "jerked" overhead to full lockout via a "push jerk" or a "Split Jerk". Both these movements are very complex and require great time and patience in learning to do them correctly. However, once learned they are incredible for athletic development and building confidence. Talk to CF EPOC training staff for proper instruction prior to execution of these lifts.

    "MetCon" is short for Metabolic Conditioning. These are your conditioning workouts done at high intensity in either an interval based format or a sequence of movements executed for "rounds". You may be asked to do a workout "For Time". Thie means you would do a sequence of movements as fast as possible once through or over several rounds.  You score is the final time to completion.

    The other variation is an "AMRAP" (As Many Rounds As Possible)  workout in a pre-set time frame. An AMRAP workout is doing a sequence of movements over and over in a particular time domain. Your total score in this case is how many rounds you completed of the sequence in the prescribed time requirement.
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