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A Licensed CrossFit Affiliate since 2010

What We Do

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”
― William Arthur Ward

Our job is clear cut. It’s to get you in the best shape you can be in. We have many methods and ways to do this like teaching you proper technique, programing the best workouts for your skill and abilities and making sure there is a Certified Level 1 CrossFit Trainer running every class. This is good enough for some but for us we want to inspire you to be more and believe in yourself. We want to help guide you to smash your goals and preconceived notions of your abilities. We want you to discover how much more you are truly capable because every person often places limits on themselves. We are truly passionate about making you more than you think you can be.

Some Benefits Our Coaches Bring to Each Class

  • Training on proper execution of the barbell lifts
  • Motivation during tough conditioning
  • Scaling movements up or down to your level of capability
  • Guidance through the complex program we offer

Our coaches are more than “personal trainers” and our gym is more than an “exercise class”. We have one of the most motivating and success-fostering environments possible in regards to elite fitness. You will look forward to each workout even if you are a little nervous or scared beforehand. You will get to know the awesome group of people that suffer through it right alongside of you and support you until the end of each session. This is why people that go on vacation end up telling us they miss this place and can’t wait to get back for more.

Some Benefits Our Members Bring to Each Class

  • Support from beginning to end of each class; they know your suffering!
  • Familiar friends and faces
  • Workout partners
  • Motivation during tough conditioning

You will not find a more dedicated and supportive environment of fellow members, anywhere. Everyone is here with a common goal to help each other excel at fitness.

No More Guessing

  • Program design so you don't have to wonder what to do in the gym

When you walk into our gym we have a highly structured program designed to get you stronger, leaner, more conditioned, better cardio vascular health, increased bone density and improved coordination and agility. Every detail is pre-planned from the beginning of the class until the end. Your time is spent productively each time you train at our facility.

When people go to a regular gym they have no idea what to do. So, most will imitate something they read in a magazine for a while or experiment with this or that machine until they are bored. Some will just step onto a treadmill and see what’s on TV. Others will spend a little extra money and hire a personal trainer to tell them what to do while they stand there and watch. Mostly these experiences have very little productivity and only last until the person is bored from not seeing results.

The support doesn't end there... you can get nutritional advice from the staff as well so your body composition and recovery can be optimized outside the gym

  • Nutrition
  • Technique
  • Recovery
  • Maintenance
  • Events
  • Barbecues
  • Family
  • Friends
Benefits of our training