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A Licensed CrossFit Affiliate since 2010


It's safe to say exercise has been a part of my life since I can remember. I've spent hundreds of hours in a traditional gym but never have I experienced such a drastic transformation in my strength, power, and agility. I joined Crossfit EPOC less than 6 months ago and I have cut a full minute off my mile, I can lift and carry almost all my groceries out of the trunk in one trip, when I swim my legs and arms have become excellent propellers it feels like I'm gliding through the water with ease, on a company sponsored golf outting I was driving about 200 yards (I could barely clear 100 yards last year if I was lucky!!), I ran a steep trail run without any knee pain... the list goes on.  Crossfit may be viewed by some as too hardcore or "cultish", I can't attest to what goes on at Crossfit centers throughout the nation but I can tell you what you can find at Crossfit EPOC in Woodland: You will find an owner, Paul, who actually cares about each member. He has the knowledge and experience to tailor every single workout for every single individual so that we consistently push ourselves with a smart approach in order to prevent injury.   As membership continues to increase, Paul, is doing some hands on training  with certified trainers to mold them into well-rounded trainers that will be motivating, knowledgeable, and experienced not only with workout techniques but also stretches and nutrition. If you're stuck in a rut or simply bored of the same ol' same ol' you should give Crossfit.EPOC a try. The workouts are short and sweet (high intensity sweet). I love my time in the "box" especially with the results I am getting. People have given me compliments I've never heard before. And the coolest part about the compliments is that it creates an opportunity to talk about Paul and his Crossfit EPOC establishment. It's just too good to not boast about it!

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