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I was honestly scared to try crossfit. I was told by my friend to give it a try but I would always tell her I'll try it when I lose weigh. It has been a year and not only have I lost 25 pounds and gotten so much stronger but I also did my first competition. It was an awesome experience representing crossfitepoc. I have seen many results many changes in my body. The best part about it has been the way I feel about working out. Before it was about being skinny, losing weight, being a smaller size and now all I want is to bench press a bear!! Coach Paul has been great on giving me advise on nutrition and helping me on having good form and technic. Crossfitepoc has the best trainers they always make sure you are doing things right,quality is very important to them. You could feel the support and how proud they are every time  someone hits a PR or does good on a WOD. I could go on and on about how great crossfitepoc has been to me but I truly recommend you see for yourself and give it a try.

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