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Now, I might be a little biased in writing this, as Crossfit EPOC is the only CF gym I've been to. However, I have nothing but great things to say here.

    This gym is probably smaller than most established CF gyms, such as the one in Rocklin that charges you your first born child for a monthly membership, or the one in Natomas that boasts about the instructor's personal accomplishments (YAWN!) but the owner/instructor works hard to accommodate all the members. Whether it's new equipment, tips on proper lifting positions, or mobility exercises, Paul is on top of it and is very knowledgable. He's great, very cool, and always willing to help you, even after the work out is done. Here, it seems it's not about the money, but about your goals and how to achieve them, how to improve yourself mentally and physically. The more seasoned members are also incredibly helpful and motivating. It's not as competitive as that Reebok commercial makes CF out to be. There's a little friendly competition but we all want each other to do their best, and push each other when it feels like you just can't squeeze out one more lift or one more pull-up. I have felt welcomed since day one and I think everyone there is so awesome!

    I've been a member of 24 Hour Fitness, Fitness 19, a dance studio in Roseville, tried the P90x program, and even have a home gym set up. Nothing is as effective as CF. It is a combination of cardio, Olympic weight lifting, and gymnastic exercises. Oh and a side of ass-whooping. But you never regret a hard work out and here you can chart your progress. You will see yourself getting stronger and gaining more endurance. I started in January and definitely see a difference in my strength and running.

    I love coming here. I love the people I work out with. I love the workouts that keep me guessing and push me to my limit. Everyone should at least give it a chance. You'll be a better person for it! It might be intimidating at first and a little crazy, but it beats waiting for ellipticals at the gym and doing the same ho-hum ab exercises and arm presses. So stop in, and see if you can keep up with us =)

Ps. This is probably the only good thing about living in Woodland.

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