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A Licensed CrossFit Affiliate since 2010


Crossfit EPOC is a dedicated workout and life training facility. There are all types of people here, not just young hotshots trying to become the next big thing. There are moms, young athletes, people who for the first time in there life are making a difference in their health. Everyone who works out here are here to improve mobility, flexibility, strength and confidence in themselves. It's a friendly professional facility with only the neccessary equipmentment, no fluff no gimmicks. The people there seem to have a family/team feeling that is not intimidating when you walk in. Crossfit EPOC is priced well and doesnt make me feel like I'm spending my whole paycheck to workout! Crossfit is a growing workout with tons popping up, so make sure you choose the right place for you, and for me Crossfit EPOC is it!!!

Benefits of our training