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A Licensed CrossFit Affiliate since 2010


I've been going to Crossfit EPOC since September 2011. In short, I'm addicted. The owner/trainer Paul is very knowledgeable and hands on. He teaches you the correct form for each and every exercise you do and also provides encouragement. The workouts are set  when you arrive. He currently offers 4 classes a day/ 4 times a week. When you arrive to your class everyone warms up together. The warm-ups and work-outs vary day to day which keeps it interesting. He also scales it for beginners, intermediate and advanced people. Not only do you leave feeling like you just got the best workout but the comradeship is amazing. Everyone is encouraging, supporting and pushing one another to do the best they can. I feel better about myself and my body is starting to take on a more fit shape. Paul will also help with nutrition so any questions you may have on what to eat to help with weight loss, he can help you. And last but not least, it's affordable! Unlike many Crossfit gyms around the area, Crossfit EPOC is very affordable and you get something for every dime you put in. Can't wait to see you in class!

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