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A Licensed CrossFit Affiliate since 2010


A good friend and I started doing crossfit on January 2011. I was hooked instantly! But, eventually I hit a snag. I found I lacked skill in some of the specific movements within crossfit. The only solution, find a crossfit gym (box) that can teach me.

So I started shopping around and visited 4 different crossfit gyms. Out of the four, one stuck out the most: Crossfit EPOC.

I enjoy the instruction I receive from the owner and Coach, Paul. No matter how many people are in the box he always has time to assist everyone. It seems he can identify your strengths and weaknesses with only a couple of workouts.

The atmosphere is big plus; everyone supports, encourages, and roots for the other members. And a little friendly competition never hurt anyone either.

Another benefit of Crossfit EPOC is the workouts: the mixture of Olympic lifting, weightlifting, gymnastics , swinging a twenty pound sledge, rope climbing, running, rowing, wall climbs, knees to elbows, etc. ( too long to list.)  Let's just say they keep you interested!

I'm currently a dedicated member of Crossfit EPOC and will hit my one year anniversary this summer. As long as the fun never stops I'll continue to be a part of the EPOC family.

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