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A Licensed CrossFit Affiliate since 2010


No quality product is ever cheap. If you think a CrossFit gym is like the local globo-gym, think again. Quality CrossFit affiliates run their gyms so that all clients get hands on, personal training in a group setting each time they walk in the door. At CrossFit EPOC, your workouts are planned ahead of time and programmed on a 6 month periodized template, so you don't have to guess at what to do. You will be run through group warm-up sessions, instructed & coached through skills or strength sessions prior to the conditioning workout, where you will receive feedback and correction the entire time, and a post workout stretch session. You are coached, not trained. Our prices are competitive amongst local affiliates and are well worth every penny in what you gain mentally and physically.

UNLIMITED CLASSES Price per Month; Single Membership $130, Husband/Wife Combined $230, Teen $80, Military/Fire/Police/EMT $109.

Ask about family rates!

Punch Card: Punch cards are for local people who want a limited membership, $100 for a 10 session punch card. (Does not need to be a current member)

Drop-In Rate: $15 per visit (Must be a current member of another affiliate)

All rates are for auto-debit charge on a monthly basis. Cash memberships are not accepted.

Benefits of our training