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Saturday, September 28, 2013

UPDATE: The results are in!! Jessica got 9th out of 29!

Jessica D. competed this weekend at this event. It was her first CrossFit competition ever. She's only recently started doing CrossFit but that didn't stop her from signing up for this event.

The event consisted of various stations or "mini-WODs" that tested your abilities in many ways. Conditioning, strength, gymnastics skills and work capacity.

Some of Jessica's highlights in the individual "mini-WODs":

  • 4th place in the rowing/kettlebell swings/weighted step-ups metcon
  • 4th place in the jump rope/power snatches metcon
  • 1ST PLACE IN THE 50YD SLED PUSH!!! This was a tough gut check. Some women failed to even complete it.

Way to go Jessica!

CrossFit Roseville presents the Women’s Gauntlet.

This will be a women’s only competition open to any woman who wants to participate.

Everyone can compete in this competition. From the experienced CrossFit Fire Breather to the newly initiated, all athletes will get the opportunity to challenge themselves in a way that strengthens and empowers.

Sign Up Here:

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