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Monday, June 17, 2013

Below are the exercises and dates for the Spring/Summer Week 1 Testing.


  • Monday June 17th - front squat & 800m run
  • Wednesday June 18th - power clean & double unders
  • Friday June 19th - press & 500m row
  • OPEN SCHEDULED MOVEMENTS: handstand push-ups & toes to bar (see below)


front squat: Warm up. 3 1RM attempts only. Belt is okay. Top of knee must be higher than hip crease at bottom.

800m run: One foot in front of the other. Two laps around the entire complex. Don't fall down. Go fast.

power clean: Warm up. 3 1RM attemtps only. Bar starts on ground, comes to rest on shoulders. Bar must land smoothly (no ground to shoulder "anyhow"). Lifter must show control at the top and feet must be back under the body before dropping the bar.

double unders: 2 min to get max number. You can break them up. Singles don't count.

press: Warm up. 3 1RM attempts only. Bar must start touching top of chest. Full lock out overhead. Bar must be over the midfoot (head through). No bending of the ankles, knees or hips during any portion of the lift. Bar must be lowered back down to chest.

500m row: Strap in and go hard. Strong pulls. Keep your ass on the seat.

2 OPEN-SCHEDULED movements that you can fit in during any time of the 2 week testing phase.

toes to bar: Full hip open at the bottom. Toes must touch bar at top between hands. V-ups can be substituted. 2 minute cap.

handstand push-ups: One attempt only at max reps. No scaled version. Holds must be against wall in full handstand for as long as possible. 2 minute cap.

There will be no make up dates. If you miss out, you miss out. You cannot go back and re-attempt a tested movement on another day once it has been recorded. The test will be strictly proctored to ensure quality movements and consistency. If you cannot do a movement at all, then it is what it is, and we know what needs to be worked on.

This testing process is designed to give athletes a measuring stick to which they can compare their general starting fitness levels and subsequent improvement as time progresses. This will be a lot of fun and a motivator for individuals. It will also give the CFEPOC training staff the ability to focus on weak areas so that they can be improved upon and implemented in WOD's. We strongly encourage everyone to take part in this challenge and work to improve your skills and abilities.

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Front squats

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800m sprints

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Power cleans

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2minutes max double unders

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500m row

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